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Installing Beego

You can use the classic Go way to install Beego:

go get

Frequently asked questions:

  • git is not installed. Please install git for your system.
  • git https is not accessible. Please config local git and close https validation:

    git config --global http.sslVerify false
  • How can I install Beego offline? There is no good solution now. We will create packages for downloading and installing for every release.

Upgrading Beego

You can upgrade Beego through Go command or download and upgrade from source code.

  • Through Go command: we recommand you use this way to upgrade Beego:

    go get -u
  • Through source code: visit and download the source code. Copy and overwrite to path $GOPATH/src/ Then run go install to upgrade Beego:

    go install

Upgrading Prior to 1.0: The API of Beego is already stable after 1.0. Basically it’s compatible with every upgrade. If you are still using a version lower than 1.0, you might need to change some methods and parameters based on the latest API.

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