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Handling static files

We talked about how to render a view. Usually there are lots of static files including images, js, css and so on. Our Beego project skeleton has already included folders for these.

├── static
│   ├── css
│   ├── img
│   └── js

Beego registers the static directory as the static path by default. Registered rule: URL prefix with directory mapping

StaticDir["/static"] = "static"

You can register multiple static directories. For example if you require two download directories download1 and download2 you can set them as:

beego.SetStaticPath("/down1", "download1")
beego.SetStaticPath("/down2", "download2")

Visiting the URL http://localhost/down1/123.txt will request the file 123.txt in the download1 directory.
To remove the default /static -> static mapping, you can use beego.DelStaticPath("/static").


To implement this in your Web Application, register your Static directory to your routes.go files

beego.SetStaticPath("/down1", "download1")

Save it, and now you can access it in your browser.

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