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Live Monitor

We discussed the toolbox module before. It will listen on by default when the application is running. It can’t be accessed from the internet but you can browse to it by other means such as by nginx proxy.

For security reason it is recommended that you block port 8088 in firewall.

Monitor is disabled by default. You can enable it by adding the following line in conf/app.conf file:

EnableAdmin = true

Also you can change the port it listens on:

AdminAddr = "localhost"
AdminPort = 8088

Open browser and visit http://localhost:8088/ you will see Welcome to Admin Dashboard.

Requests statistics

Browse to http://localhost:8088/qps and you will see the following:

Performance profiling

You can also see the information for goroutine, heap, threadcreate, block, cpuprof, memoryprof, gc summary and do profiling.


You need to manually register the healthcheck logic to see the status of the healthcheck from http://localhost:8088/healthcheck


You can add task in your application and check the task status or trigger it manually.

  • Check task status: http://localhost:8088/task
  • Run task manually: http://localhost:8088/runtask?taskname=task_name

Config Status

After the development of the application, we may also want to know the config when the application is running. Beego’s Monitor also provided this feature.

  • Show all configurations: http://localhost:8088/listconf?command=conf
  • Show all routers: http://localhost:8088/listconf?command=router
  • Show all filters: http://localhost:8088/listconf?command=filter
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