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The Beego configuration file supports the following formats: INI, XML, JSON, YAML. It uses INI format by default. It is flexible and easy to configure.

The default configurations parsing

Beego will parse conf/app.conf file by default.

You can initialize many Beego default variables in this file:

appname = beepkg
httpaddr = ""
httpport = 9090
runmode ="dev"
autorender = false
recoverpanic = false
viewspath = "myview"

These configurations will replace Beego’s default value.

You can also configure many values which your application needs, such as database connection details:

mysqluser = "root"
mysqlpass = "rootpass"
mysqlurls = ""
mysqldb   = "beego"

Then you can access these configurations like this:


AppConfig’s methods:

  • Set(key, val string) error
  • String(key string) string
  • Strings(key string) []string
  • Int(key string) (int, error)
  • Int64(key string) (int64, error)
  • Bool(key string) (bool, error)
  • Float(key string) (float64, error)
  • DefaultString(key string, defaultVal string) string
  • DefaultStrings(key string, defaultVal []string)
  • DefaultInt(key string, defaultVal int) int
  • DefaultInt64(key string, defaultVal int64) int64
  • DefaultBool(key string, defaultVal bool) bool
  • DefaultFloat(key string, defaultVal float64) float64
  • DIY(key string) (interface{}, error)
  • GetSection(section string) (map[string]string, error)
  • SaveConfigFile(filename string) error

The key supports the section::key pattern when using ini type.

You can use Default* methods to return default values if can’t read from config file.

The Configurations for Different Environments

You can set configurations for different runmode under their own sections. Beego will take the configurations of current runmode by default. For example:

appname = beepkg
httpaddr = “”
httpport = 9090
runmode =“dev”
autorender = false
recoverpanic = false
viewspath = “myview”

httpport = 8080
httpport = 8088
httpport = 8888

The configurations above set up httpport for dev, prod and test environment. Beego will take httpport = 8080 for current runmode “dev”.

To get the config under different runmode, you can use “runmode::key”. Such as beego.AppConfig.String("dev::mysqluser")

For custom configs, you need to use beego.GetConfig(typ, key string) to get the config. (1.4.0+).

Multiple config files

INI config file supports include to including multiple config files.


appname = beepkg
httpaddr = ""
httpport = 9090

include "app2.conf"


runmode ="dev"
autorender = false
recoverpanic = false
viewspath = "myview"

httpport = 8080
httpport = 8088
httpport = 8888

Beego default config variables

Beego has many configurable variables. Let’s have a look at these variables. It will help us to know how to use them in development. (You can configure and overwrite them in conf/app.conf. Case insensitive.):

Basic config

  • AppConfigPath

    Application configuration file path. It is conf/app.conf by default. You can change it to your own file.

    beego.AppConfigPath = "conf/app2.conf"

  • AppConfigProvider

    File format of AppConfig, default is ini. Could be xml, yaml, json as well.

    beego.AppConfigProvider = "ini"

App config

  • AppName

    Application name, Beego by default. It is set to project_name if the application is created by bee new project_name

    beego.BConfig.AppName = "beego"

  • RunMode

    The application mode, which can be dev, prod or test, dev by default. In dev mode it will show user friendly error pages as we saw before but user friendly error pages will not be rendered in prod mode.

    beego.BConfig.RunMode = "dev"

  • RouterCaseSensitive

    Set whether the router is case-sensitive or not. Default value is true.

    beego.BConfig.RouterCaseSensitive = true

  • ServerName

    Beego server will output beego as the server name by default.

    beego.BConfig.ServerName = "beego"

  • RecoverPanic

    Recover from panic or not, true by default. It will recover from exceptions without exiting application.

    beego.BConfig.RecoverPanic = true

  • CopyRequestBody

    Flag of copy raw request body in context, false by default except GET, HEAD or file uploading.

    beego.BConfig.CopyRequestBody = false

  • EnableGzip

    Enable Gzip or not, false by default. If Gzip is enabled, the output of template will be compressed by Gzip or zlib according to Accept-Encoding of browser.

    beego.BConfig.EnableGzip = false

    Further properties as below:

    gzipCompressLevel = 9 The compression level used for deflate compression(0-9),default is 9 (best speed).

    gzipMinLength = 256 Original content will only be compressed if content length is either unknown or greater than gzipMinLength.(default length is 20B,same as nginx).

    includedMethods = get;post List of HTTP methods to compress. If not set, only GET requests are compressed.

  • MaxMemory

    Memory cache size for file uploading, 1 << 26(64M) by default.

    beego.BConfig.MaxMemory = 1 << 26

  • EnableErrorsShow

    Whether to show error messages or not. True by default.

    beego.BConfig.EnableErrorsShow = true

  • EnableErrorsRender

    Whether to render error messages or not. True by default, user friendly error pages will not be rendered even in dev RunMode if this value is false.

Web config

  • AutoRender

    Use auto render or not, true by default. Should set it to false for API application as there is no need to render templates.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.AutoRender = true

  • EnableDocs

    Enable Docs or not, default is false

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.EnableDocs = false

  • FlashName

    Flash Cookie name,default is BEEGO_FLASH

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.FlashName = "BEEGO_FLASH"

  • FlashSeperator

    Flash data separator,default is BEEGOFLASH

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.FlashSeperator = "BEEGOFLASH"

  • DirectoryIndex

    Enable listing of static directory or not, disabled by default. It will return 403 error.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.DirectoryIndex = false

  • StaticDir

    Set the static file dir(s), default is static

    1. Single dir, StaticDir = download. Same as beego.SetStaticPath("/download","download")

    2. Multiple dirs, StaticDir = download:down download2:down2. Same as beego.SetStaticPath("/download","down") and beego.SetStaticPath("/download2","down2")

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.StaticDir = map[string]string{"download":"download"}

  • StaticExtensionsToGzip

    Set a list of file extensions. Any static file with the extension in the list will support gzip compression. It supports .css and .js by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.StaticExtensionsToGzip = []string{".css", ".js"}

    Same as in config file StaticExtensionsToGzip = .css, .js

  • TemplateLeft

    Left mark of template, {{ by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.TemplateLeft = "{{"

  • TemplateRight

    Right mark of template, }} by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.TemplateRight = "}}"

  • ViewsPath

    The path of the location of the templates. This is set to views by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.ViewsPath = "views"

  • EnableXSRF
    Enable XSRF

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.EnableXSRF = false


    XSRF key, beegoxsrf by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.XSRFKEY = "beegoxsrf"

  • XSRFExpire

    XSRF expire time, 0 by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.XSRFExpire = 0

HTTP Server config

  • Graceful

    Enable graceful shutdown or not. Default is disabled.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.Graceful = false

  • ServerTimeOut

    Set the http timeout. Default is 0, no timeout.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.ServerTimeOut = 0

  • ListenTCP4

    The address type. Default is “tcp4”. The value can be “tcp”, “tcp4”, “tcp6”, “unix” or “unixpacket”

    beego.BConfig.Listen.ListenTCP4 = "tcp4"

  • EnableHTTP

    Whether to enable HTTP listen or not. Default is true.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.EnableHTTP = true

  • HTTPAddr

    The address the app listens to. Default is empty ie listen to all IPs.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.HTTPAddr = ""

  • HTTPPort

    The port the app listens on. Default is 8080

    beego.BConfig.Listen.HTTPPort = 8080

  • EnableHTTPS

    Whether to enable HTTPS or not. Default is false. To enable, set EnableHTTPS = true and set HTTPSCertFile and HTTPSKeyFile

    beego.BConfig.Listen.EnableHTTPS = false

  • HTTPSAddr

    The address the app listens to. Default is empty ie listen to all IPs.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.HTTPSAddr = ""

  • HTTPSPort

    The port the app listens on. Default is 10443

    beego.BConfig.Listen.HTTPSPort = 10443

  • HTTPSCertFile

    SSL cert path. Default is empty.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.HTTPSCertFile = "conf/ssl.crt"

  • HTTPSKeyFile

    SSL key path. Default is empty.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.HTTPSKeyFile = "conf/ssl.key"

  • EnableAdmin

    Enable supervisor module or not, disabled by default.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.EnableAdmin = false

  • AdminAddr

    The address admin app listens to. Default is “”.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.AdminAddr = ""

  • AdminPort

    The port the admin app listens on. Default is 8088.

    beego.BConfig.Listen.AdminPort = 8088

  • EnableFcgi

    Whether to enable fastcgi or not. Default is false

    beego.BConfig.Listen.EnableFcgi = false

  • EnableStdIo

    Whether to use fastcgi standard I/O or not. Default is false

    beego.BConfig.Listen.EnableStdIo = false

Session config

  • SessionOn

    Enable session or not, false by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionOn = false

  • SessionProvider

    Session provider, memory by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionProvider = "memory"

  • SessionName

    The session cookie name stored in browser. beegosessionID by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionName = "beegosessionID"

  • SessionGCMaxLifetime

    Session expire time, 3600s by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionGCMaxLifetime = 3600

  • SessionProviderConfig

    The session provider config. Different config for different provider. Please check session.

  • SessionCookieLifeTime

    The valid expiry time of cookie in browser for session, 3600s by default.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionCookieLifeTime = 3600

  • SessionAutoSetCookie

    Enable whether to SetCookie or not. Default is true.

    beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionAutoSetCookie = true

  • SessionDomain

session cookie domain. Default is empty.

beego.BConfig.WebConfig.Session.SessionDomain = ""

Log config

For detail, see [logs module](en-US/module/
  • AccessLogs

    Output access logs or not. It won’t output access logs under prod mode by default.

    beego.BConfig.Log.AccessLogs = false

  • FileLineNum

    Whether to print line number or not. Default is true. This config is not supported in config file.

    beego.BConfig.Log.FileLineNum = true

  • Outputs

    Log outputs config. This config is not supported in config file.

    beego.BConfig.Log.Outputs = map[string]string{"console": ""}


    beego.BConfig.Log.Outputs["console"] = ""

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