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Template Functions

Beego supports custom template functions but it must be set as below before beego.Run():

func hello(in string)(out string){
    out = in + "world"


Then you can use these functions in template:

{{.Content | hi}}

Here are Beego’s built-in template functions:

  • dateformat

Format time, return string. {{dateformat .Time “2006-01-02T15:04:05Z07:00”}}

  • date

This is similar to date function in PHP. It can easily return time by string {{date .T “Y-m-d H:i:s”}}

  • compare

Compare two objects. If they are the same return true otherwise return false. {{compare .A .B}}

  • substr

Return sub string. supports UTF-8 string. {{substr .Str 0 30}}

  • html2str

Parse html to string by removing tags like script and css and return text. {{html2str .Htmlinfo}}

  • str2html
    Parse string to HTML, no escaping. {{str2html .Strhtml}}

  • htmlquote

Escaping html. {{htmlquote .quote}}

  • htmlunquote

Unescaping to html. {{htmlunquote .unquote}}

  • renderform

Generate form from StructTag. {{&struct | renderform}}

  • assets_js

    Create a <script> tag from js src. {{assets_js src}}

  • assets_css

    Create a <link> tag from css src. {{assets_css src}}

  • config

    Get the value of AppConfig. {{config configType configKey defaultValue}}. configType must be String, Bool, Int, Int64, Float, or DIY

  • map_get

    Get value of map by key

    // In controller
    Data["m"] = map[string]interface{} {
        "a": 1,
        "1": map[string]float64{
            "c": 4,
    // In view
    {{ map_get m "a" }} // return 1
    {{ map_get m 1 "c" }} // return 4
  • urlfor

    Get the URL of a controller method

    {{urlfor "TestController.List"}}


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