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Contributing to Beego


Beego is a free and open source software, which means that anyone can contribute
to its development and progress. Beego’s source code is hosted on github
(, which provides a very easy way to fork the
project and merge your contributions.

How can I become a contributor of Beego?

You can fork, modify and then send a Pull Request to us.
We will review your code and give you feedback on your changes as soon as possible.

Pull Requests

The process for pull requests for new features and bug fixes are not the same.

Bug fixes

Pull requests for bug fixes do not need to create an issue first. If you have a
solution to a bug, please describe your solution in detail in your pull request.

Documentation improvements

You can help improve the documentation by submitting pull request to the
beedoc repository.

New features proposals

Before you submit a pull request for a new feature, you should first create an
issue with [Proposal] in the title, describing the new feature, as well as the
implementation approach.

Proposals will be reviewed and discussed by the core contributors, and can be
adopted or potentially rejected.

Once a proposal is accepted, create an implementation of the new features and
submit it as a pull request. If the guidelines are not followed, the pull
request will be rejected immediately.

Since Beego follows the Git Flow
branching model, ongoing development happens in the develop branch. Therefore,
please base your pull requests on the HEAD of the develop branch.

The git branches of Beego

The master branch is relatively stable one where dev branch is for developers. Here is a
sample figure to show you how our branches work:

For more information about the branching model:

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