Beego Framework
An open source framework to build and develop your applications in the Go way
Learn more Get started! stable v1.10.0

Quick Start

Download and install

go get[email protected]

Create file hello.go

package main

import ""

func main() {

Build and run

go build hello.go

View effects

Open your browser and visit http://localhost:8080

Congratulations! You just built your first beego app.

Please see Documentation for going further.



With RESTful support, MVC model, and use bee tool to build your apps quickly with features including code hot compile, automated testing, and automated packing and deploying.


With intelligent routing and monitoring, it's able to monitor your QPS, memory and CPU usages, and goroutine status. It provides you full control of your online apps.


With powerful built-in modules including session control, caching, logging, configuration parsing, performance supervising, context handling, ORM supporting, and requests simulating. You get the powerful foundation for any type of applications.


With native Go http package to handle the requests and the efficient concurrence of goroutine. Your beego applications can handle massive trafic as beego are doing in many productions.

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